Fall is the perfect time to clean your James Hardie Siding. While the process may seem overwhelming, your local experts at Carpenter’s Touch are here to guide you. Cleaning your siding will take some considerations, such as what type of cleaner to use so it doesn’t ruin or scratch. 

You’ll feel relieved after cleaning your siding as it can enhance the look of your home while increasing its value, too. Carpenter’s Touch is able to install Hardie Siding in any problem areas you may come across, as we’re one of the very few certified James Hardie Siding installers in Livingston. 

Preparing the Siding 

If you’re looking to bring new life to the exterior of your home, cleaning James Hardie Siding is a great place to begin. Before you get started, you’ll need to do a little prep work.

We recommend:

  • Removing clutter from the area
  • Clearing away any debris or unwanted vines
  • Brushing off any dirt or grime that’s built up over time 

A pressure washer is a great tool for achieving a thorough cleaning and getting into all the nooks and crannies of the siding. Feel proud when showing off your home’s spotless siding. 

Test Cleaning Solution On a Small Strip of James Hardie Siding 

Before you apply the cleaning solution to your entire siding, it’s important to test a small, inconspicuous section first. This precautionary step can save you potential damage to your siding. By testing a small area, you can make sure that the cleaning solution isn’t too harsh and won’t cause any fading or degradation.

If everything looks good, then you can confidently clean the rest of your siding with peace of mind. Remember, Carpenter’s Touch is here to alleviate those headaches whenever your siding needs to be replaced or repaired. We have 15 exceptionally durable colors available. 

Rinsing Off the Cleaning Solution 

It’s important to make sure that no residue is left behind on your James Hardie Siding. To ensure this, it’s recommended that you rinse off the cleaning solution completely using a garden hose. Using a hose with mild pressure will gently rinse away any residue, allowing your siding to be cleaned efficiently and resistant to dust and dirt.

This step is important because any leftover cleaning solution can damage your surfaces over time. Following this process is sure to leave you with newer-looking siding you can be proud of.

Let the Siding Dry Before Applying Any Product to It 

Before tackling your siding with any type of product, it’s essential to give it time to dry thoroughly. Applying substances while the James Hardie Siding is still moist or wet can result in uneven coverage and potential damage to your siding. 

Depending on the climate and humidity levels, siding can take anywhere from a few days to a week or more to dry completely. Even if it looks and feels dry to the Touch, be patient and give it some extra time to be sure. 

Check for Siding Damage 

When siding damage happens, you’re going to need James Hardie Siding doctors to replace it. 

But why does siding damage happen? Damages happen because of different situations, such as:

  • Weather/Climate 
  • Poor maintenance or neglect
  • Landscaping Accidents

Checking your siding frequently ensures that it remains in top shape and often prevents more costly issues

Benefits of James Hardie Siding 

There are a multitude of benefits that come with installing James Hardie Siding on your home. Not only will you feel better knowing it’s on there, but you’ll have beautiful siding that lasts a lifetime and adds value to your home. 

  • Weather withstanding 
  • Durable 
  • Fireproof 

Carpenters Touch is thrilled to announce our recognition as the 2016 President’s Club Award winner by James Hardie for being the top-performing contractor in the NorthEast Region!

Weatherproof Siding 

For homeowners all over Jersey, there is only one type of siding that is tough enough to stand up to inclement weather, and that’s James Hardie Siding. Carpenter’s Touch is proud to be a Certified James Hardie expert. With our knowledge and exceptional skills, you’ll have the exterior you’ve always dreamt of. So, if you have cleaned your current siding repeatedly and it just doesn’t seem to get any better, call our experts quickly because fall only lasts a few months before winter sets in. 

Durability and Fire-Resistant Siding Options 

The good news is that James Hardie Siding is resistant to fire, which makes it the perfect addition for families with children or anyone safety-conscious. James Hardie Siding is also exceptionally durable and climate-resistant. This gives you peace of mind in your investment, as it’s guaranteed to last. Siding adds a more inviting appearance to your home. This can increase the value of your house, as well as make you the envy of your neighbors.

James Hardie Certified Experts 

Carpenter’s Touch offers experience and expertise in a wide array of services. These services include James Hardie Siding, roofing, renovations, and much more. If you’re interested in increasing the value of your home, preventing costly damage, and adding an extra level of safety, lean on our experts to guide you in your home improvement journey so you can take pride in the current state of your home. 


We are always at your disposal to deliver outstanding customer service and products that will make your home look as good as new. Let us transform your home into a place of beauty and relaxation.

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